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Banit Sawhney


Northeastern University


College of Engineering


MS in Data Analytics Engineering


Fall 2016 – Fall 2018

My Story

I hail from Mumbai the financial capital of India. From the very beginning I was interested in the advent of technology and keen to imbibe new ideas.

With super computers, data centers becoming more accessible it has become more natural for the subject of data analytics engineering.

With this hope I was looking to apply globally to the best Universities. Northeastern program struck me having the right mix of theoretical and practical training. I applied to ABC, XYZ universities.

I was thrilled to receive an admit from the University to pursue my goals.

My College

We are located in Boston. We are like a semi urban campus . I like the professor - - - - - . I like the infrastructure - - - - -

Apart from academics we have a good campus life. Discuss - Food, Living etc

My Current Placement

With Northeastern help I was able to get an internship at Apple. During the internship I was involved in analyzing upgrading features in the Mac and analyzing data to suggest improvements. I conversted the internship and currently I am working as a data scientist at Apple. My work involves. . . . .

My Insights

In hindsight that coming to USA was one of the best decisions of my life. Although there are challenges in terms of finding a job, current visa rules but the MS prepares you for a global role. I travel to work every day looking at the life which I have been leading

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